A Mystery of Kaak C'ker

L1 - First Session

Kaak C’ker clan stronghold: Fell silent 6 months ago. Kaak C’ker clan is descended from Drorinath and Nodrunic clans. Drorinath clan tried to investigate 3 months ago. They have not been heard from since.

Stronghold was home to roughly 120 dwarfs. Known for fine stonework.

At the entrance were giant dwarf statues. They held metal weapons. There were 5 bright stones in statues, mostly yellow, some red.

Crazy dwarfs inside looked like they are wearing Drorinath colors

Kodran, listed as current ruler of stronghold. Son is Kodran II.

Two levers found in the grand hall behind the throne:
One lever is marked with a white gem at the current position and a red gem in the other position.
The other lever is marked with a yellow gem in the current position and a green gem in the other position.

Sandals of precise steppingImush (David)
Resplendent cloak – Percy (Mike)
Bloodiron armor
Skull Bracers
2,000 gold total


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